5844 Malden Rd, Town Centre Plaza, LaSalle, Ontario, Canada , N9H 1S4
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Are you ever open after hours?
Yes! If you have a group of 10 or more people coming in, talk to our staff about opening in our off-hours for your party. This can be done for all our crafts (ceramics, mosaics, canvases). 

What are your prices like?
Our prices for our ceramic pieces start at $14 and go up to $150. This includes everything except for tax (paint, glazing, firing, buffing).
Our prices for canvases are $26 for the small square & $35 for the larger rectangle

Do I have to have an appointment?
No! You are welcome to come in any time during our working hours. Keep in mind, it takes typically about an hour to paint, so it may not be a good plan to come in half an hour before we close.

How many people do I need to come in?
There is no amount of people required to come in. Just you? No problem. Mom, Dad, Grandma, the four kids and great-great-uncle Larry? Come on in!

How many people can be in the studio at once?
Our studio capacity is 36 people – so if you’re planning a larger party, give us a call!

What is the policy for pick-up?
Any finished or unfinished artworks that haven’t been picked up after 30 days become property of Art Splash. This is for space reasons – we’re working on cleaning out the left over pieces from 2014 still. If you’re not able to come in to finish in time, give us a call. We understand life gets busy and unexpected things come up, just be reasonable please!

Are any of your finished pieces for sale?
We have lots of pieces for sale! Christmas trees, mugs, bowls – lots of variety. Come take a look next time you’re in.
Fancy one of those canvases on the wall? These are also for sale! Don’t be shy!

Where do I locate my transaction ID?
Your transaction ID can be located on your Paypal receipt – typically in the top right hand corner. This is the ID needed for gift certificates to prove purchase

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